GREEN GO HOME at NF Galería / by Tomas Vu

1 GREENGOHOME_poster.jpg

Tomas Vu and Rirkrit Tiravanija will stage the next iteration of their GREEN GO HOME project at NF Galería.

The provocation inherent in “Green Go Home,” is positioned against the subtle underlying subtext of U.S. interventions, and colonialist attitudes, towards its neighbors in Latin American from Mexico southwards: an antagonism that has cost many lives and much strife. In the imagery itself, the presence of each character—from films to music to personalities of resistance—reveals itself to the viewer as addressing the condition of the graffiti text. The grid holds up the statement and reinforces the layers of interpretation, readings, and misunderstandings. “Green Go Home” is meant to be a wall of resisters, and of resistance.

September 10 - November 7, 2015

NF Galería
Calle Blanca de Navarra, 12, 28010
Madrid, Spain